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Felicia Mayfield

Alumni Association

Board Chair, 2019

Greetings! Howdy! Hello! Zup! 你好 Bonjour! As-salām 'Alaykum! Salut! Hallo! Shalom! おはよう! Ciao! Oi! Xin chào! Hola! all 260,000 alumni of Georgia State University...all alumni since the early 20th century.


It is my honor and privilege to serve as your Georgia State University Alumni Association Chair!


We are a very large family with increasing depth and breadth!  Our GSU influence spans the globe! The goal of the Alumni Association’s leadership both GSU staff and volunteers is to meet the needs of a massive, growing progressive group of professionals. The staff strives to make the events relevant to your specific needs. Get the app so you can keep up with all the events—but to name a few… For the new graduates and those who are pursuing career changes, Resumes Reviews are helpful. Third Thursdays provide networking opportunities with face-to-face interactions involving alumni staff and other GSU alumni. The Homecoming Tailgate is great for alumni families to gather and interact. There are senior trips with the Senior Brunch and Learn to keep the seasoned alum sharp and informed! There are leadership opportunities that start before graduation with the Student Alumni Association—the largest student organization on campus!

My personal message to you is to consider participation in the GSU Alumni Association as an investment with significant return opportunities for you personally and professionally. Let’s look at the American Securities and Exchange* top three considerations when looking for a sound place to grow your resources:

1.  Make a plan based on goals and risk

Get the Georgia State Alumni app. There are close to 60 annual events that educate, entertain and provide networking opportunities. Explore various places within the GSU Alumni Association for your participation. Overwhelmed with choices?  Look over the Board of Directors and see if your College is represented, or if you recognize someone with whom you have a comfort level. No worries, the staff will help you design a plan that will lead to the yield of investment of time, talent and treasure. Call for an appointment.

2. Evaluate your comfort zone

After developing a plan.  The degree to which you contribute is a personal decision. Do you have a unique gift? Talent?  There is a place for you that will yield exposure and support.  Do you want to contribute time?  Do you want to make contributions in a sound secure manner? Consider that GSU records, archives, and send letters for donations. There are levels of giving. The more you participate, the more you will feel comfortable.

3. Consider a mix of investments

Want to be a front-line participant? Leadership is an excellent way to mix investments. If you are a recent graduate, consider the Young Alumni Council or seek a nomination for 40 under 40. Start now with a plan to begin paying for your Alumni Association Life Membership.  This will lead to special invitations that set you apart for your level of commitment.

Finally, my personal testimony is for all I have contributed to my alma mater: I have received abundant returns.  Join me as an integral part of the infrastructure of the success model for the great Georgia State University! You too can prosper greatly with a sound investment in GSU.  Go Panthers!

In blue,


*Financial Navigating in the Current Economy:
 Ten Things to Consider Before You Make Investing Decisions